Frequently Asked Questions

- Q-When will my rack arrive once ordered?

-A- Racks ship generally 2 to 3 weeks from time of order.  They go on the site in batches and the whole group is processed together.  We will do all we can to keep that time as short as possible

-Q- When will more racks be on the website? 

-A- There have been significant disruptions in the flow of pieces that are sourced to make the roof racks.  We do all we can to keep inventory up but surprises do happen.  That said, when materials are in stock racks will go on the site generally on Wednesday mornings.

-Q- The holes in the side rails do not match up with the holes in the cross bar. 

-A- This one happens quite a bit.  The 4 pairs of holes in the side rails are for the latch mounts and the cross bars go in the very top set of slots (8 slots for 8 bars)

-Q- I would like to order a rack and there are some available, but the front panel style I want is sold out

-A- We can change that detail for you after the rack is ordered.  Just shoot an email with the requested change.